Who is the owner of William Hill?

Who is the owner of William Hill?

William Hill, one of the most prominent names in the global betting industry, has a rich history and an established reputation for providing top-notch betting services. Understanding the ownership of a betting company can offer valuable insights into its stability, strategic direction, and industry influence. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ownership of William Hill, shedding light on the individuals and entities that have played a significant role in shaping this renowned betting powerhouse.

The Evolution of Ownership

Throughout its history, William Hill has undergone several ownership changes and transitions. To understand the current ownership structure, let’s take a closer look at the key milestones in the company’s journey:

William Hill Foundation and Founding YearsWilliam Hill was founded in 1934 by William Hill himself, initially as a postal and telephone betting service.The company quickly expanded, establishing a strong presence in the UK betting market.Grand Metropolitan and Brent WalkerIn 1988, William Hill was acquired by Grand Metropolitan, a British leisure and entertainment company.Later, in 1989, Brent Walker, a property and brewing company, acquired William Hill from Grand Metropolitan.Nomura and the Stock Market ListingIn 1997, Japanese investment bank Nomura acquired William Hill from Brent Walker for £700 million.Nomura aimed to capitalize on the emerging online betting market and expand William Hill’s operations.William Hill was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2002, marking a significant milestone for the company.Private Equity OwnershipIn 2008, William Hill became the subject of a joint takeover bid by private equity firms CVC Capital Partners and Cinven.The bid was ultimately unsuccessful, and William Hill remained a publicly traded company.The Merger with Playtech and Investment by Apollo Global ManagementIn 2008, William Hill entered into a joint venture with Playtech, a leading provider of online gaming software.Playtech acquired a 29% stake in William Hill’s online operations.In 2013, private equity firm Apollo Global Management acquired a significant stake in William Hill, further solidifying its ownership position.Current OwnershipAs of the latest available information, Caesars Entertainment, an American casino and entertainment company, holds the majority ownership stake in William Hill.In 2020, Caesars Entertainment acquired William Hill for £2.9 billion, solidifying its position in the global betting market.

Caesars Entertainment’s acquisition of William Hill has positioned the company as a key player in the US sports betting market, leveraging the combined expertise and resources of both entities.


The ownership history of William Hill reflects the evolution and growth of the company throughout the years. From its humble beginnings as a betting service to its current status as a globally recognized brand, William Hill has experienced various ownership changes and strategic partnerships. The acquisition by Caesars Entertainment signifies the company’s strong position in the industry and highlights the ongoing development of the US sports betting market. As a bettor, understanding the ownership structure of a betting company like William Hill can provide valuable insights into its stability, strategic direction, and potential future developments.

Author: Nicholas Griffin