What is the Scorpion in Pickleball?

What is the Scorpion in Pickleball?

A scorpion is an arachnid, which consists of two pincers, eight legs and a stinger. In the sport of Pickleball, a variety of advanced shots exist that are difficult to execute but highly impactful. A scorpion is one such shot inspired from the desert arthropod.

A characteristic trait of Scorpions is the manner in which they raise their tail over the body and attack with their stinger. The stinger delivers the venom inside the prey. The derivation in Pickleball comes from a shot that is hit within bounds, just outside the non-volley zone or the kitchen.

The scorpion is executed when the approaching ball has a high trajectory, targeted at the paddle side of the player and is supposed to land within bounds if left. The execution of this shot requires the player to get low by bending both knees, raising the paddle over their head and delivering a powerful overhead shot (the “sting”) that follows a downward trajectory.

The scorpion is a highly effective shot as the returner can only return a high shot. This second high shot creates ample opportunity for the player who hit the scorpion to hit a more comprehensive finishing shot.

The best way to return a scorpion is by ensuring that the ball stays as low as possible. Additionally, avoid the player from hitting a scorpion by hitting more towards their backhand wing. A scorpion is a relatively routine technique that can be observed in professional Pickleball tournaments. Moreover, there are various drills that can help the pickleball player in perfecting their skills of hitting a scorpion.

Author: Nicholas Griffin