What is the divorce area in badminton?

What is the divorce area in badminton?

Divorce is a word usually used to denote the separation or dissociation of two things that were connected or bonded with each other. In popular culture, it usually refers to the separation of the husband and wife that marks the end of a marriage.

Mixed doubles is one discipline of badminton where a team of two players – a male and female face another mixed doubles team. In doubles, both players are positioned such that one controls the forecourt (area between the net and short service line) and one controls the rear court (area between the short service line and baseline).

During a match, a doubles team often finds itself positioned such that each player stands within the service box. This formation occurs during the course of a rally. Confusion and clashes kick in when the opponent team hits a shot that is directed at the centre line, 8-11 feet away from the net and between both the players. Since either player is unsure as to whose shot it is to take, they both leave the shuttle in the confusion and eventually lose the point. This area or zone where the shuttle landed is called the divorce area or divorce zone.

The divorce zone is named so as the resulting confusion causes a clash between players. However, a professional mixed doubles team might not fall in the trap as their understanding grows as a team over the years. A simple way to ensure that the shot targeted at the divorce area does not succeed, the doubles team must pre-emptively decide which player will take the shot. Preferably, this decision should be based on which player’s forehand wing is more stronger. The divorce zone is thus a tactical spot in the doubles discipline of badminton.

Author: Nicholas Griffin