What is a technical warning in pickleball?

What is a technical warning in pickleball?

A technical warning in Pickleball is the equivalent of code violation in tennis. It is a warning given to a player when their behavior or actions are unsportsmanlike and outside the code of conduct of the game.

In a Pickleball match, the referee has the authority to call a single technical warning to a team or a player. Based on the severity of the violation, the referee shall call a technical or verbal warning. The list of instances as to when a technical warning be issued are as follows:

a. An objectionable language is used to communicate or directed at another player.b. Profanity, i.e. audible or visible cues that are foul or vulgar are used at another player or umpire.c. Breaking the on-court decorum by arguing with umpires, players or spectators in a manner in which the flow of play is disrupted.d. Abusing the ball after or during a rally by striking it in aggression, or breaking it, or hurling it at another player or spectator.e. Taking time between two points to intentionally disrupt the flow of the match.f. Unnecessarily appealing the calls of line umpires frequently.g. Challenging a referee’s call or decision and later losing the challenge.h. Receiving coaching at illegal times and by a person other than the coach or a partner.

A technical warning can be issued only once to a player. It does not result in loss of point for he player who is issued a technical warning. A technical warning given to a player for a second time can result in a technical foul which is subject to loss of a point from the player’s current score.

Details about technical foul will be covered in a separate article guide.

Author: Nicholas Griffin